Our Approach & Objectives

Service Delivery
Our passion is to render a courteous and efficient response to shareholders' enquiries and to also give prompt response to correspondences/e-mails. We also render Twenty four (24) hours verification of shares leading to e-lodgment of such shares on the floors of the Stock Exchange. Veritas Registrars Ltd also ensures the prompt processing of CSCS diskette updates leading to the production of an up to date report on the shareholders register and strict confidentiality is maintained in the handling of shareholders records in our care. Veritas Registrars Ltd leverages on the large branch network of Zenith Bank and Veritas Registrars Ltd zonal offices(Abuja and Port Harcourt) for effective reach to our various shareholders.

Information Technology
We are conscious of the importance of a good IT backbone to the Registrar business, hence Veritas Registrars Limited from commencement of operations, invested heavily in Information Technology and the best Server configurations and Registrars software capable of accommodating daily processing of large share register base.

Veritas Registrars Limited recently acquired two(2) Verity Teleform Industrial Scan Station with the following capabilities.

Superior Recognition and Throughput using best OCR technology.
Process Design & Automation.
Business Activity Monitoring (BAM).
BPEL Process Definition.
Form/Document-Driven Process Automation.
Detailed and Error-free database on IPO/public issues.
Paper-to-Electronic Capture.
Web Capture.

Veritas Registrars Ltd also uses its existing technology and Wide Area Network to reach shareholders outside Lagos.

Proactive Business Development

Veritas Registrars Limited is determined to remain compact and efficient in service delivery and maintaining our premium brand. We also intend to employ sound business practices and complement the activities of our client to achieve a good corporate image with the investing public.

We are structured to respond to changes in the industry and also to meet regulatory requirements particularly concerning the minimum capital base for operators.

We constantly review the pricing of our products to meet client's demand without compromising efficiency and excellent service delivery. We have been working assiduously to endear ourselves to shareholders, stake-holders and regulatory authorities. Very shortly we will be organizing zonal shareholders forum, etc). Our strength lies in our resolve to empower staff through constant training and exposure to modern operational techniques on areas such as e-public offer or right issues, e-bonus, e-dividend payment,e-lodgement etc.